We’re less than six months away from Avengers 4, which will be the culmination of 21 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies spanning 2008 through 2019. Yet for such a massive movie, arguably the biggest one to hit theaters next year (and in case you don’t know, there are a LOT of big movies coming out next year), we know next to nothing about it. We don’t even know the title!

And now, we have what appear to be leaked screenshots from the first trailer for Avengers 4.

Trailer descriptions have been plentiful over the last several months — most obviously fake, some probably fake, but some that sound quite plausible. One of the more realistic trailer descriptions comes to us courtesy of Reddit user vfxgurudontmind, who posted a description weeks ago. This is the user who told people about Spider-Man showing up in the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War (he highlighted the word “underoos”), and stated that Red Skull would appear in Avengers: Infinity War.

Here are the leaked trailer screenshots, courtesy of Imgur, along with where we think they fit in based on the trailer description:

There doesn’t seem to be an obvious place for this to fit into the trailer description, other than the mention of a “brief” shot of Tony Stark in an Iron Man suit.

“Various shots of Black Widow, brief shot of Tony’s suit, Caps new chest piece (chainmail!!!) and Banner putting on a purple skintight suit and a button up over it In front of a mirror.”

This could very well be at the end of the trailer, as it matches nicely with this bit from the description:

“Rhodey: “I’ve seen a lot of crazy things, but a talking Raccoon? (rocket looks up at him from chair) Definitely tops them all…” Rocket, going from Rhodey back to the computer screens sarcastically: “boy if I had a unit* every time I heard that one” cuts to a shot of Thor smiling with an off queue “Ha Ha Ha.” Trailer ends…”

Here’s a look at everyone’s favorite Mad Titan, who’s obviously mentioned several times in the trailer description. With Thanos having his armor back on, it makes most sense for the shot to correspond with this description:

“Thor: “We need an army to stand against Thanos…” shot of Thanos putting on armor.

Tough one to figure out, as we can’t really tell where this is supposed to be. It could be a rebuilt Titan, and the rumor of there being about a five-year gap between Infinity War and Avengers 4 would support that. But this could also be Wakanda, which is mentioned in the trailer description:

Shot of an empty throne in Wakanda, various shots of Shuri, M’Baku, and Okoye. Black screen ‘This was NOT our fight…'”

This appears to be Vormir, the infamous place from Infinity War where the Soul Stone was guarded by Red Skull, and where Gamora met her untimely fate at the hands of her adoptive father and lifelong abuser. There’s a very good chance Avengers 4 will revisit this planet, especially since conventional wisdom seems to dictate that the Avengers will be going on their own quest to gather the Infinity Stones for themselves and take on Thanos with a second Infinity Gauntlet. It also means that a beloved Phase 1 hero will probably die.

However, the trailer description makes no explicit mention of Vormir. But there’s a chance the Reddit user simply didn’t recognize it as such, and therefore simply grouped it with generic descriptions of other quick shots throughout the trailer.

These are also tough to place. They don’t seem to match anything in the trailer description and are hard to decipher without context. To my eyes, the top shot looks like Nidavellir, where Thor, Rocket, Groot, and Eitri forged Stormbreaker in Infinity War. Going off the last screenshot, if the Avengers are indeed creating a Gauntlet of their own, it would make sense for them to travel back there. The second shot seems to be the same yellow as the Mind Stone, but whether it’s being destroyed or is something else entirely is pretty much impossible to tell.

This one is tricky. It seems to fit in best with the following description:

“Music is getting louder as it crescendos to a shot of Captain Marvel’s chest panning up to her face. The scenery behind her almost looks like Xandar. Because it can’t be Earth (that would make no sense) but it’s blue skies and clouds outside a window… Captain Marvel: “Let’s go” Shot of her flying towards something angrily, she cocks back a punch, eyes glowing, flames surround her. She punches, then [Title Card] as Avengers theme plays.”

The orange silhouette towards the bottom-right could be Captain Marvel. However, there’s a more tantalizing possibility that this could have something to do with the “even greater threat” that was mentioned recently in a leaked toy description for Rocket and Thor. What could that greater threat be? Well, given what we’ve been told about The Eternals joining the MCU, the Disney acquisition of Fox, and the general shift towards more cosmic storytelling ever since Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and the upcoming Captain Marvel, we could be getting a very brief glimpse at Galactus.

Galactus makes the most sense to be a villain that could lead the next several MCU phases as a Thanos-type villain. While there have been rumors that Annihilus or another villain could become the main threat of Avengers 4, it seems highly unlikely that Kevin Feige would allow the 10+ year culmination of the MCU to suddenly introduce a brand-new threat we’ve never heard of. But it’s more than possible that we could get at least our first encounter with Galactus, setting him up as a major player down the road.

After all, we got our first look at Thanos way back in 2012, at the end of the first Avengers film.

Rumors abound that the Avengers 4 trailer is coming soon, and may even debut on December 3rd during the Monday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins. Stay tuned tomorrow night to find out!