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Soak Up the Sun in Fallout: Miami

Bethesda fans have always loved their mods. Just look at Skyrim; you can find mods to do nearly anything you can imagine, from improving the game’s graphics to turning all the dragons into The Macho Man Randy Savage. While the relationship between game developers and their modding community has always been tenuous, Bethesda has loved their modders for a while now. But this latest announcement is one of the most ambitious ones so far. Fallout: Miami isn’t the newest fallout game, believe it or not; it’s a mod for Fallout 4.

Don’t believe me? That’s okay, I didn’t imagine it either at first, but this is just a mod for Fallout 4. This news is especially interesting coming on the heels of Fallout 76, the next official game coming out in the franchise. The community of Fallout 4 is still more than active, and 76 doesn’t seem to be slowing that down at all. Fallout: Miami focuses on, unsurprisingly, the city of Miami after the atomic bombs dropped. This is an entirely unexplored region for the franchise and seems too perfect to not have happened already.

You can check in with the website NIHF.com regularly for more information about the “vacation wasteland,” and for Fallout 76, and it becomes available.

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