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New Clue In Three Jokers Mystery

The Three Jokers

In 2016 Wally West, a hero who had once been Kid Flash returned to the pages of DC comics after a five-year absence. His arrival seemed incongruous with current continuity, as there was already another character with that name bopping around Flash comics. But, readers were soon to learn that West’s arrival was a sign of things to come.

Meanwhile, Metropolis was home to its own mini identity crisis as two different Clark Kents were living parallel lives. The Post-Crisis Superman was living undercover upstate while the new, brief-less, New 52 Superman was flying around saving the world. Even after the death of New 52 Superman, a third Clark Kent showed up in the pages of Action Comics.

But the incidence of character overlap which readers were most curious about is the one DC has been completely silent on. In the two years since DC Universe: Rebirth #1 hit comic shops, readers have been on pins and needles to find out about The Three Jokers.

In the run-up to Rebirth, Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok were on Justice League. During a massive cosmic event, Batman acquired the power of the Mobius Chair. In Justice League #42, Batman used the cosmic source of knowledge to ask about The Joker’s true identity. And the answer shocked him.

It wasn’t until Justice League #50 that readers learned what Batman already knew. According to the Mobius Chair “There are three”. Three Jokers! It was a revelation that sent waves through the DC Comics fan base. But as DC enters the second year in Post-Flashpoint continuity, none of the Clown Princes of Crime have graced the pages of DC Comics. And The publisher has remained tight-lipped about when that might change.

Until this weekend. At C2E2 in Chicago, fans got some answers during a Batman Q&A. When asked when readers can expect an answer to the three Jokers question, Batman group editor Jamie S. Rich replied “It is underway… Jay Fabok is underway on pages now. There are some scripts from Geoff [Johns]. It’s coming.”

Johns is currently writing Doomsday Clock, a big event for DC which brings together the Watchmen and DC Universes. Whether Doomsday Clock will provide the answers to the Three Jokers Mystery remains to be seen. The 12 issue event is slated to run through July of 2019. Given that Fabok is already working on pages for the story, it seems unlikely that fans would have to wait that long.

What are your theories? Are there actually three Jokers walking around the DC Universe? And how did they all get there? Let us know in the comments! And follow us on Twitter @NerdItHereFirst so you don’t miss any news about your favorite comics.

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