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NIHW 2 : Special Oscars Report


It’s time for a Special Report from NERD IT HERE WEEKLY!

In this episode, Ryley and Tanner sit down with two film experts to talk about different ways of viewing the Academy Awards.

First up, the pair talk to Walk Hickey. Walt is the Chief Culture Writer at fivethirtyeight.com and has spent the last few years building and honing a model to predict who will have the best chances on Hollywood’s biggest night. You can follow him on Twitter @WaltHickey

Next, the two hosts talk to Jeff Sneider. Jeff is the Editor in Chief of the Tracking-Board.com and the host of Meet the Movie Press on the Popcorn Talk network. He puts a lot more trust in more traditional approaches to predicting the Oscars. You can follow him on Twitter @TheInSneider.

Then our two hosts talk about what they learned, which lines of thought made the most sense to them, and their plans for next award season. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review the show. And follow us @NerdItHereFirst to stay up to date with all the latest nerdy news.

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