Nerd Out: Pop Tart Madness!

Ahead of this year’s March Madness tournament, the gang puts together a bracket of their own to decide the best Pop Tart flavor of all time!

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Prepare yourself for a mouth-watering journey as we embark on the most delicious tournament of the year - Pop-Tart Madness! This epic showdown pits the most iconic, beloved, and diverse Pop-Tart flavors against each other in a battle for the ages. From the fruity delights of the Fruit Division to the indulgent treats of the Dessert Division, the quirky concoctions of the Novelty Division, and the unique offerings of the Promotional/Movie Tie-In Division, this tournament has it all.

The Contenders

Fruit Division dives into the juicy world of Pop-Tarts, bringing fan favorites and classic staples to the forefront. Will the tangy zest of Wild Berry triumph over the sweet simplicity of Strawberry? Only your votes can decide.

Dessert Division is a dream come true for those with a sweet tooth. From the gooey richness of Chocolate Fudge to the nostalgic taste of S’Mores, this division promises a decadent battle of the desserts.

Novelty Division showcases the most unique and out-of-the-box flavors Pop-Tarts has ever created. Ever wondered how a Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tart stacks up against the breakfast-inspired Cinnamon Roll? This month, we find out.

Promotional/Movie Tie-In Division features those special edition flavors that capture our imaginations and taste buds, often tied to our favorite movies or promotions. Will the force be with Star Wars Lava Berry, or will Hello Kitty Meowberry purr its way to victory?

How It Works

Each division will see its top flavors go head-to-head in daily online polls, where fans and foodies alike can vote for their preferred Pop-Tart in each matchup. The winners of each round will advance to the next, gradually narrowing down the field until only one Pop-Tart reigns supreme in each division. From there, the division champions will face off in the semifinals, setting the stage for an epic final battle to determine the ultimate Pop-Tart flavor.

Why You Should Participate

Pop-Tart Madness isn't just about finding out which flavor is the best—it's a celebration of variety, nostalgia, and the simple joy that these toaster pastries bring to our lives. By participating, you'll join a community of passionate food lovers, have your say in a nationwide debate, and maybe even rediscover a few forgotten favorites along the way.

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