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Watchmen Review: Late Night with the Devil, Theatres vs. Streaming

Who woulda thought Sweeps Week could get spooky

We share our thoughts on the latest big Indie Horror starring David Dastmalchian. Then Ryley and Deepak jump into their takes on the state of theatrical releases with the growing use of streaming platforms.

00:00 - Intro

02:45 - Late Night with the Devil (Spoiler-free)

12:55 - Late Night with Spoilers

18:35 - Are Streaming Releases good for Movies?

33:55 - Recommendations of the Week

Hosted by: Deepak Chitnis

Co-hosted by: Ryley Trahan and Bruno Menezes

Produced by: Bruno Menezes, and Sterling Heyns

Big thanks to Purple Planet Music for our scoring our intros!

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